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Glamping, a new way to experience the Eisteddfod

6 August 2015

This year is the first year the Glamping site has been running at the Eisteddfod. Glamping is the contraction of ‘Glamourous’ and ‘Camping’ and is destined for the more high-end camper than your Maes B regulars.

Less than 10 minutes away from the Maes, you will find 23 elegant-looking bell tents. They were all full for the duration of the Eisteddfod this year. In fact, the initiative has been so successful that at the next Eisteddfod, there will be 50 bell tents on the Glamping site.

The Glamping bell tents can accommodate four glamorous campers

The Glamping bell tents can accommodate four glamorous campers

Elliw is staying at the Glamping site and loves it. She told us that every year, people staying in the caravans complain about the showers, “it’s a running joke, every year,” she sighed. The Glamping showers, on the other hand, have apparently upped the game, with proper pressure and provided body gel.

“It has made my Eisteddfod,” Elliw said.

Glamping is a little pricey (£750 for 7 days for a bell tent that can accommodate 4), so you should try and organise to stay with friends in order to split the cost. In the tents, you have an air bed (you can upgrade for a foam bed for an extra £27.50) and a little bit of furniture.The site also has a separate cooking tent, complete with microwave, two fridges, hobs and tables to cook on. Another tent has plugs, and bean bags to lounge around in.

Inside a bell tent

Inside a bell tent

“They’ve thought of everything,” Elliw said,”It’s added a certain style to the Eisteddfod, I think.”

Head to Best of Wales, for more info about Glamping.

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