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31 July 2016

Two of us from the team went to a Welsh taster course at Maes D earlier on today. Neither of us speak Welsh so we went to this this session to see if we could learn how to have a basic conversation with someone in Welsh.

We started with a pleasant greeting in welsh ‘croeso’ which lead to us being taught how to ask who someone is, how are they and the correct responses.

We were surprised at how easy it was to pick the basic words were were taught. It was also interesting to hear how to ‘Welshify’ some words by pronouncing them differently – like Bangor.

The session we attended was one of many taster sessions on offer throughout the week. The format of the sessions will change during the week. These activities are open to everyone at the Maes D and, from our experience, we would recommend any non-Welsh speakers pop in to a session and have a go. Today we have learned:

Bore da – Good morning

Prynhawn da – Good afternoon2016-07-31_11-53-34_1

Noswaith dda – Good evening

Nos da – Good night

Pwy dacha chi? – Who are you?

(enw) dw i – I am (name)

Sut dych chi? – How are you?

Da iawn  – Very well

Iawn – Good

Ofnadwy – Could be better

Wedi blino – I am tired

Ofnadwy – Awful

Gweddol – Alright

Diolch – Thank you

Hwyl – Bye







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