Three tips for baby massage

2 August 2015

A cuddle, some folk lullabies and lots of giggling together. Those are the basics when doing a massage for babies.

Unlike adults, they receive physical touch in a very sensitive way, and it’s a rather fun activity, according to Meinir Lloyd Jones, who leads the baby massage workshop at Maes D.

She summarizes three tips for parents who love to give their baby an enjoyable and fun massage:

1. Always go clockwise on the tummy because that’s the same direction the digestion goes;

2. Always keep the legs loose and avoid knees or any joint areas in case of mistreatment;

3.  When holding your baby on your lap, make sure to place your knees just above the baby’s pelvis and ribs for a good stable position.

Along with her colleagues, Meinir was trained a few years ago by Peter Walker, the UK’s leading teacher and therapist for baby massage, who specializes in supporting parents and children.


Guyevans is a visitor who attended the workshop with his baby. He’s interested in the idea of baby massage as he himself has been practicing yoga – a stretching practice on both the mind and the body. He thinks the workshop provides very practical advice, “I learned loads and will definitely try to massage my baby afterwards.”

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