Alun Cairns on future funding post Brexit

2 August 2016

Abbie, Elin and I from the Llais Y Maes team were given the opportunity to interview Alun Cairns at the Cardff University stand this afternoon.

I was eager to ask Alun Cairns, ‘When we leave the EU how will training providers manage with proposed cuts?’

Alun Cairns is the Secretary of State for Wales and I wanted the exclusive on what’s going to happen to training providers such as ‘People Plus Cymru’ once EU funding stops. His response was “there are no proposed cuts” but he stressed that we as a nation “have to live within our means, after all Wales still voted to leave… but I will ensure that Wales gets its fair share.”

Screen Shot 2013-01-04 at 23.06.54People Plus Cymru is a Welsh Government and EU funded training provider which enables young people to develop the skills and qualifications they need to get into or back into work. Without this service, I would not be having this experience at the Eisteddfod this week.

Shelley Bird, Community Champion from ‘People Plus Cymru’, said “It would be devastating if funding was cut to work based learning providers such as People Plus Cymru, as currently we are able to provide many training opportunities to young people in disadvantaged areas in South Wales, that would not be available to them otherwise.”

It was a great experience to interview one of Wales’ recognised politicians, and I hope very much that work by organisations like ‘People Plus Cymru’ can continue to thrive. There may be tough times ahead, but learners like me benefit so much from the training and support we get in Merthyr we have to protect our services.

For more information on opportunities in your local People Plus Cymru go to

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