Sophie Gardner-Roberts

1 August 2015

Hi! I am an MA International Journalism student at Cardiff University. I’m originally from France but I have British parents so I know what it’s like to be bilingual and to juggle between two languages. That is why I could not let the opportunity to work with Llais y Maes pass. It’s exciting to see how digital newspapers are thriving and to be able to work on one at such an early stage of my career is unique.

I have never attended the Eisteddfod but I’m really looking forward to covering it as a journalist. I covered the Hay festival this year which was an amazing experience. I’ve always been interested in literature and music and, having lived in Wales for almost a year now, I’m fascinated by its culture, its people and its stories. I hope to bring to our readers snappy, entertaining articles and photos that convey the busy and fun atmosphere of the festival.

I hope to learn many things during the week (maybe some Welsh?) and to share my experience with readers and viewers in my own, authentic voice.

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