Ukuleles at the Eisteddfod!

4 August 2015

Ever wondered how you could get a bit of a Hawaiian taste at the Eisteddfod? Caffi Maes B tent offers just that with the ukulele workshop!

Children and teenagers, as well as some adults, attended the workshop and learned a few chords that now allows them to boast with their new ukulele skills.

It was Mei Gwynedd who brought the mellow ukulele sounds to the Eisteddfod. Originally from Caernarfon, he runs a ukulele orchestra in Cardiff. He was asked to establish the workshop at this year’s Eisteddfod, which he gladly accepted.


Mei Gwynedd at the workshop

“We just tell the people on the site we’re doing the workshops, and people come,” he said, “different people, the same people, they come and play for an hour.”

Edmund Robinson from Conwy got his ukulele as a birthday present. He attended the workshop so he can improve his playing skills. “I saw the workshop on the programme and I thought – why not?,” he said.

Ukulele comes from 19th century Hawaii, but has gained popularity in recent years. Gwynedd thinks it is because the instrument is easily accessible for anyone interested in it.


Edmund playing ukulele

“Ukuleles are small, portable, they’re handy and easy to teach,” Gwynedd said. “You can get them for £30, you don’t have to be rich. That’s the attraction in them as well,” he added.

There are still two ukulele workshops to be held, one on Wednesday at 13:00 and the last one on Friday at 12:00. Make sure you catch them if ukuleles are your thing!

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