Yoga workshop brings a moment of peace

5 August 2015

Amid the hustle and bustle of the Eisteddfod events, have you found yourself lost and tired without knowing what to do next?

image This morning I attended a yoga workshop at Maes D, led by Laura Karadog, who is  an experienced yoga practitioner for 16 years. She was certified by the British  Wheel of Yogato teach Hatha and Pregnancy Yoga.

During the session, a very creative invention of Laura was to do yoga with chairs.  That’s not what she normally does, but she says, “I’m not really sure who’d come  for the workshop, but I’m guessing many would be older people so I think it’s easier to use a chair.”

Gwen Jones, 74.

Gwen Jones, 74.

As proven by Gwen Jones, a 74 lady who regularly practices aerobics, Zumba and cycling, she likes the idea of doing yoga with a chair. “It’s been 10 years since last time I did yoga. I did enjoy it. I think she’s very good teacher,” Gwen said.

She wants to go back to practicing yoga again. “I’m a light sleeper, it does relax your body .”

I find it quite a liberating way for yoga learners as it broadens the idea of practicing this spiritual activity with accessible everyday objects, even at home.

image “There’s a rising popularity in yoga only recently among people who are more  drawn into the spiritual elements in yoga.” Laura says, “People are feeling stressed  in life a lot more and something needs to be changed.” Unlike what people used to  do for fitness and pain release, it’s become a way of being quiet and  communicating with oneself.

Laura says yoga has helped her better control her emotions, “that’s what yoga is all about ultimately, it’s about finding the deep connection to yourself.” So the link between body, breath and the body, mind and spirits.

The workshop ended within an hour, and Laura says there may be more in next year’s Eisteddfod.

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